We all need a little oasis of calm. We can feel that it’s not something that’s financially achievable. With these six tips, you can create your own perfect relaxation space.

Get cosy

Terrace space shouldn’t just be for summer. Make the most of the Vitamin D in Andalusia even in Spring or Autumn. Pop a rug down for a decorative touch with added hygge factor. Gather your favourite blanket and snuggle down to rest.

Cosy balcony candlelit with lots of sumptuous grey cushions


Make the space useful for the evenings. Solar lamps are a lovely, eco way to brighten your terrace. You could also try fairy lights or lanterns. LED lighting provides a higher brightness that can be useful to enjoy a good book.

Boho style terrace with lots of lovely lighting


Pot plants are rarely expensive. Add some to your terrace, grouped together for a gorgeous aesthetic. In the warmer months, they add a freshness and often a pop of colour. Grab some free pallets to easily create a vertical plant holder. This is a great way to maximise space.

Lovely display of lots of pot plants at different levels


To inject another colour splash, choose coloured cushions. Ideal for creating comfort too. Wicker baskets, candles or pretty pots with the same colour tones can really pull the design together.

Bistro table with pretty parasol, deep blue cushions and green glasses


Find a bench in an online selling group. Sometimes these even come up for free. Remove the legs and add sturdy ropes. Attach to the ceiling for a cheap, easy swing seat. Now you also have somewhere wonderful to pop your colourful cushions.

Hanging bench seat


Outdoor furniture can be expensive. A lot of people source free pallets to make their own. You can create sofas, counter tops and tables. Another alternative for a smaller space is to use wooden boxes.

Grey pallet furniture on a terrace

Which tip could you implement this weekend? Share your terrace success stories with us by emailing your pictures to info@lanjaronproperty.com. If your home doesn’t have a terrace, find the property of your dreams by calling (+34) 643 821 326. When we have just the right thing, we can call you and let you know even before it goes online. Don’t miss out!


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The environmental concerns of 2019 have not left the collective consciousness. Perhaps they have come even more to the fore over 2020 as we have felt disconnected from our world, trapped at home through various lockdowns. With the dawning of Spring 2021 comes a renewed hope for us and a new respect for our planet. The Spring trends in our homes reflect this need and love of the natural world.

Trends for Interior Decor in Spring 2021

Changing Rooms

The impact of the pandemic has led many of us to use our homes very differently. Also, the various lockdowns have increased the need for feelings of space and freedom. Change the space by using sliding doors, extending tables, concealed furniture, and even movable panels. This creates multi-purpose rooms and the ability to change the space to suit your mood.

Multi-purpose Space Trends for Interior Decor in Spring 2021

Comfort Crafting

Many crafts have become popular once again as we have been forced to find more indoor activities to keep our minds and hands busy; macrame is just one example. The charm of these imperfect creations, made from fibre, thread, or even clay, connects us with our predecessors and remind us of our ability to thrive under adverse conditions.

Craft Trends for Interior Decor in Spring 2021

Use of Textiles

Imbue your home with the fresh, light feeling Spring brings with it. Use wool and linen for beds, sofa covers, cushions, or even curtains. Combined with artisanal craftwork, these fibres bring a natural feel to the whole interior.

Linen and Wool Trends for Interior Decor in Spring 2021

Bring in the Green

Houseplants have been popular for several seasons now and do not seem set to go anywhere soon. The pandemic has given many people a greater awareness of their need for nature. Using plants around your home brings a little piece of the outdoors inside, to both purify and freshen.

Plants Trends for Interior Decor in Spring 2021

Simple, yet Stylish

The simplicity of Spring does not mean foregoing style. Patterns, flowing, sinuous lines and geometric prints offer uncomplicated shapes that are never boring. Stick to a natural colour palette and accessorise with cushions, lamps, or even framed prints, for that natural Spring look.

Patterns in Trends for Interior Decor in Spring 2021

Colours of Nature

Spring means warmth, light, and nature’s joy as new life appears. The trends in colour represent and provide all this as well. Warm neutrals, like camel and ochre, reconnect us with the earth. Forests and skies make an appearance in the forms of soft blues and soft greens too.

Colours Trends for Interior Decor in Spring 2021

Natural Materials

Wood, particularly untreated, is a fashionable choice for Spring. Other natural materials, like marble, wicker, jute, and rattan, all add to the homeliness and natural feel. Decorate with accessories, like rugs and lamps, for an instant refresh.

Natural materials Trends for Interior Decor in Spring 2021

Whatever your preference for your interior, hopefully, this guide gives you some ideas for injecting a little extra nature inside. Refreshing the décor can remind you of the hope of Spring. If you’re looking to sell, it sends a signal to buyers that you take care of your property. Lanjarón Property have a range of different properties available in stunning, natural surroundings. Visit our website to browse and find out more information.


Forbes is a magazine perhaps best known for creating society lists, including the Forbes 400 and America’s Wealthiest Celebrities. Set up in 1917, it was originally named Forbes: Devoted to Doers and Doings. It continues in this vein today with the list of the year’s most influential Spaniards.

Most Influential Spaniards 2020

In December, the Most Influential Spaniards 2020 list was released and in a surprising turn of events, every individual on the list was female. Usually the Rich List and the Influential List consist of more men than women. Was this an attempt to redress the balance or simply coincidence? Either way, with people science to activism to royalty, Forbes said:

All these women have stood out in 2020, developing their projects and having a considerable impact on the lives of others.

Marta Ortega

Marta is the daughter of billionaire, Amancio Ortega. He is the founder of fashion chain Inditex, known for brands such as Zara and Massimo Dutti. Marta worked within the retail empire from a young age but started in the stores as a sales assistant, folding clothes and helping customers. Marta has helped Zara to remain at the forefront of fashion with the development of digital sales. Also, the use of technology in-store has ensured Zara maintains relevance in an increasingly difficult marketplace. This means she is well set up to take over leadership of the company in the future.

Sandra Barneda

TV presenter, writer and journalist, Sandra works with Mediaset España. In 2020, she released her novel ‘An ocean to reach you’. It was shortlisted for the Premio Planeta de Novela. Presented by publishers Grupo Planeta since 1952, is for previously unpublished novels written in the Spanish language. The prize is 600,000 euros for the winner and 150,000 for the runner-up, which makes it the highest in the world for literary awards.

Àngels Barceló

Àngels is a journalist, broadcaster and presenter, best known for her work on informative programming. In 2020, her work on Hoy por Hoy, a radio show on Cadena SER, mapped the real-life stories across Spain in light of the difficulties of coronavirus. Not only did she present the programme but she directed it too.

Helga de Alvear

This lady is a hugely respected art expert and collector. She was awarded the International Medal of Arts 2020 by the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid. The gallery and foundation she set up in the 60s has introduced famous foreign artists to the Spanish art scene. Over the course of the pandemic, the foundation has donated 1 million euros to coronavirus research.

Ada Colau

The first female mayor of Barcelona was first elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2019. The Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) was co-founded by Ada in 2009. She’s long been an activist and spokesperson fighting against evictions. She also proposed new legislation around mortgages in the Congress of Deputies. 

Rosa Montero

Rosa is a prolific author and her most recent ‘Good Luck’ has been in the bestseller list since its release. A respected columnist, the writer has contributed to various publications over her career. Her journalistic skill is not only respected but her interview techniques are studied in universities around the world. 

Macarena Rey

Leading a team of 800 people in her role as CEO of Shine Iberia, Macarena is the producer of the television program ‘MasterChef’ and its various spin-offs. Considered one of the greatest entertainment shows in the country, Masterchef, Junior and Celebrity editions are just as popular. Mararena has also produced the talent shows Maestros de la Costura and Prodigios.


Other list entries include:

Irene Caro

The head of Spanish Facebook, whose work with NGOs, in particular the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, have developed many digital safety mechanisms and protocols.

Carme Artigas

The Secretary of State for Digitalisation and AI

María Blasco

Director of the National Centre for Cancer Research

Hortensia Herrero

Vice President of Mercadona

Cruz Sánchez de Lara

Head of the Sánchez de Lara Law Firm and prominent human rights activist


It doesn’t matter if this list of ladies was compiled due to an ardent feminist at the helm or if it was a coincidence. The achievements of this group of people are extraordinary and will have far-reaching effects even beyond their lifetimes.

“No one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away, until the clock wound up winds down, until the wine she made has finished its ferment, until the crop they planted is harvested. The span of someone’s life is only the core of their actual existence.” Terry Pratchett

For the full list here

This incredible property is an example of modern architecture melding with the surrounding environment.

 Cliff house with zinc roof

The family that owned this land were struggling to know what to do with it due to the terrain, which is at a 42 degree incline. Four architectural firms pitched for job to create something comfortable for a family with a young child but also of architectural interest.   

GilBartolomé from Madrid

This architectural firm created a design with an zinc-tiled, undulating roof, which the couple were drawn to. You can see why! The firm was launched in 2007 by Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartolome, who studied under Richard Rogers and Zaha Hadid respectively.


The roof

The technique that created the roof is surprisingly cheaper than timber or steel roofing techniques. The formwork was created from a reshapable, metal mesh. Each zinc tile flicks up at one corner. This catches the light and bounces it, creating a glittering object to mirror the sea in front. 


The form of the house and the metallic roof produces a calculated aesthetic ambiguity between the natural and the artificial, between the skin of a dragon set in the ground, when seen from below, and the waves of the sea, when seen from above.

Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartolomé

GilBartolomé architects

Cave house inspired

The south of Spain is famed for its cave houses. This property takes inspiration from these by being built into the cliffside. Like the cave houses, this helps keep the home at an ambient temperature.

Multiple tiers

Another feature of the home, inspired by the cliffside on which it resides, is the use of multiple tiers inside. This creates maximum floor space, despite the slope. Even the furnishings were designed by the architects. Using resin and fiberglass, it creates a seamless blend between the house outside and the interior.

Views of the Mediterranean

Each of the three bedrooms overlooks the sea, giving views for miles. Even the swimming pool enjoys this same aspect.

Architects: GilBartolomé
Photographer: Jesus Granada
Additional information: Azure Magazine and If It’s Hip It’s Here

What is the value of a country property? We aren’t referring here to a monetary value but instead, a lifestyle value. 

 The impact of C19

The 2020 (and continuing) pandemic has shown us the importance of space, quality time with our families and brought to the fore the special way that being in nature can help and heal.

As the world turned to remote working as a necessity, the effects of the Industrial Revolution have dissipated. This has meant people are freed from living in urban areas to be near their workplace. This impact has been compounded with the efficiency of online shops and delivery services. We don’t need to live nearby to a shop in order to enjoy its wares, or indeed feed our families.

The previous advantages of living in busy, built-up places have turned into almost a dystopian nightmare. Living in small, confined spaces, particularly with all your family members, has proven to people just how damaging that can be. The negative impact appears in different ways, but a lack of physical space has increased mental health difficulties or exacerbated those that were already festering. 


What value does a country property bring?

It resolves these three areas of potential difficulty!


The internet can be connected in a variety of ways to nearly every home nowadays. The rise of remote working, albeit stemming from a negative place of Covid-19 means you are far more likely to get the ‘okay’ from your company than in previous years. You can then have a property somewhere you really love, instead of having to consider your commute to the workplace. Not only that, the Internet provides another way to enjoy family time together with box sets, movie nights or gaming if the weather is too chilly, wet or indeed, too hot! For those at school, if quarantine prevents attendance, they are still able to access lessons.


Even if your property is so rural that you can’t get deliveries to your door, there are multiple possibilities in place for receiving your goods. For example, you could strike a relationship with a local bar; visit for cervezas, tapas and collect your mail. This means you don’t need to live near to shops to still be able to eat, drink, work or play. Being in a country property also opens more possibilities for storage.


A country property allows your family the space to breathe. Outside you can create a variety of spaces for everyone to enjoy; a patio to enjoy the view, an outdoor kitchen for BBQs, a swimming pool, a yoga platform, a Wendy house, anything you can think of! The space also allows you tranquillity to enjoy nature and keep your distance easily from other households, if quarantine measures dictate. 


 The benefits of being in a place surrounded by nature cannot be overstated. For children, it also affords a multitude of learning opportunities, like where food comes from, identifying animals and plants and, of course, getting to stretch their legs with family hikes or cycling.


Hopefully, the lockdown in Spain won’t return the way we saw in 2020 but if it does, let’s hope it is in the Summer, when we’re in our country homes.

If you have a country property that you would like to sell, please do get in touch as we have a number of registered buyers looking to find their own slice of countryside heaven.


Own a holiday home overseas and make money
Owning a holiday home can be a profitable business as well as a place where you can spend your own holidays. A report in Landlord Today UK magazine revealed that “the average UK holiday property generated annual rental income of £22,281 in 2016,” and this can be much higher if you own a holiday home overseas.

The first step to generating a substantial income from a holiday home overseas is to treat it as a proper business and not as a hobby. You will need to think about a marketing strategy, devise the best systems for ensuring your guests have an excellent experience and efficient ways of maintaining the property’s appearance and cleanliness.

You will also need to consider necessary expenses. Leaving aside the cost of having an agency manage the holiday lettings for you, you will need to build a fund for buildings maintenance and taxation, as well as any other incidental costs such as travelling to the property on occasion. And, if you do decide to use an agency to look after your guests and the property, then a percentage of the income will go to them. All this needs to be worked out so that there are no nasty surprises leaving you out of pocket, or wondering how you are going to pay for any damage to the property, or replacement of white goods or furniture, for example.

Where should you own a holiday home overseas?
The answer to this to some extent depends on whether you as an owner also plan to use the property, in which case it must be in a country and region that you love and want to visit again and again. Spain is obviously the top destination in Europe for British holidaymakers, and a good percentage of other Europeans as well. The demand for holiday properties is rising in Spain, with more tourists preferring to stay in a self-catering apartment or villa rather than a hotel or other type of resort. It certainly makes sense for families, who enjoy greater freedom by renting a holiday home.

Turning a holiday home overseas into business can not only ensure that your second home abroad pays for itself, it can provide you with a lucrative income. For retirees, it can boost income from pensions, and for those who haven’t finished working yet, it offers a way to make financial plans for the future. It might even provide you with enough to buy more holiday homes and expand your business.

If this is something you’re interested in doing, please do chat to us. We can talk you through all the various laws and regulations you need to be aware of and support you to get the right paperwork. Just get in touch by WhatsApp or call (+34) 643 821 326 to speak to Mathew.