Translated by Emma Cattle and Fiona Flores Watson

 Saleres is the highest of the three villages in El Valle, named after one of area’s rivers, and known locally as Santo. The most interesting monument is the historic Fuente de los Siete Años, situated in Pago de los Llanos, so-called because its source provided water for seven years before the flow lessened during another seven. Also worth seeing is the Iglesia de Santiago, dating from the 16th century, whose facade, by Pedro de Berrueco, wooden coffered ceiling and tower covered with glazed tiles are impressive. Look out for the Atalaya (also known as the Torre de Marchal), a ruined Nazari watchtower with an amazing view over the valley; it is situated at 1011 metres. There are also several old mills – Blanca, Bastian and Enriquez.

The village is home to Ian Gibson, the Irish writer who is an expert on Spanish history.

The centre of the village of Saleres