5 reasons to move to Spain

Should you move abroad? For some people it’s an easy decision to move abroad, while for others there is an element of hesitation about what it might mean. Neither is right or wrong; we all have our different views of how to handle our lives. But here are some suggestions as to why it might be a good idea.

Moving abroad builds character

Moving abroad presents you with plenty of new challenges. Some of them seem simple, like trying to track a delivery in Spain when you don’t speak Spanish yet. But those who have been through this particular situation will tell you that it will take all your patience to get that parcel delivered. However, once done – look what you’ve achieved!

If you move abroad you can become more employable

Young people who can add moving abroad and living abroad to their CV are viewed favourably by employers. You will be able to demonstrate that you’ve learnt and developed additional life skills and if you’re applying for a role at a multi-national business that has offices around the world, having an extra language is a bonus.

Moving abroad means discovering a new culture

You will essentially learn a new way of living and see how the different attitudes in the country of your choice define how people go about their day-to-day lives. You will soon embrace these cultural norms, like the Spanish siesta, and understand why they have them. In some cases, moving abroad can also enrich your health.

Explore the country in-depth

When you’re on holiday, you can’t pack everything into two weeks. By moving abroad and choosing to live in another country, you will be able to travel around at your own pace and can spend numerous weekends visiting other regions and cities. Plus, over time you will meet so many local people showing you sights you would have never see as a tourist.

A sense of achievement

You can be proud of the challenges you have faced and overcome, of having learnt another language and made a new set of friends. You will have grown as a person and that is something you might not have done to such an extent if you hadn’t made that decision to move abroad.

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