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This weeks currency exchange news – How does it affect you?

This week’s currency exchange news – How does it affect you? European stock markets are expected to open sharply lower this morning, continuing the global sell-off after red-hot inflation data in the US raised fears of aggressive Federal Reserve monetary tightening. Following the data release, the dollar climbed to a near four-week high against a […]

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This weeks Currency Exchange News – Important if you are thinking of buying a home in Spain

Currency exchange news. The financial markets had another traumatic week as investors adjusted their portfolios to reflect rising interest rates. As expected, last week’s volatility centred around Washington and London. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced its interest rate decision, followed by the Bank of England on Thursday. The Fed raised the cost of borrowing […]

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Currency exchange news

Currency Exchange News 7th March 2022

Last week was one of the most volatile weeks in the financial markets in living memory. As the geopolitical news worsened and sanctions increased on Russia, risk sentiment and financial instruments gyrated wildly. Over the week, unsurprisingly, due to it being seen as a safe haven currency, the dollar appreciated against nearly all of its […]

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This weeks currency news – 24th January 2022

Risk sentiment gradually worsened last week, and as it did, the dollar became more attractive to investors leading it to close broadly higher on Friday. Sterling also had a good week, ignoring the trials and tribulations that Boris Johnson is undergoing instead focusing on the ending of Plan B Covid restrictions. Markets are becoming increasingly […]

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This weeks currency exchange news December 2021

This weeks currency exchange news Last week contained no less than 30 central bank meetings and certainly ended with some surprises. The largest was probably from the Bank of England as they raised the base rate to .25%, having shunned the opportunity last month The continuing rise in inflation appears to have unsettled central banks, […]

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How do international currency exchange rates affect the value of your home?

How do international currency exchange rates affect you as a homeowner? Many home sellers do not realize how currency exchange rates can affect them in a property market that has a large number of international buyers. Who often think of this being something that relates to banking or big business and only notice its effects […]

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Currency Exchange News 29th November 2021

Currency Exchange News November 2021. Market sentiment got hit for six last Friday as worries over the Omicron variant of Covid surfaced. As London is a major world travel hub, the UK is particularly vulnerable to this new variant, and traders fear that the economy would also suffer from further disruptions. The UK Government was […]

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Currency Exchange News this week

Currency exchange rates and news for 25th October The Bank of England has been unusually verbose recently, with both Andrew Bailey and Huw Pill talking openly about their fears over rising inflation’s levels over the winter months. The markets have taken them at the word, and a move upwards in the UK’s Base rate is […]

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Currency news for October 2021

Currency Exchange news 11th October – Is now the time to make your transfer?

Last week was, to borrow a phrase from football, a game of two halves. The first half was dominated by the price movements in the gas and oil markets and the Conservative Party conference, the second half by speculation over the latest US employment data. The volatility in the gas markets has been extraordinary and […]

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Currency exchnage rates for October 4th 2021 and currency exchange news

Currency Exchange News 4th October 2021

Last week was dominated by the strength of the US dollar, which took sterling down to nearly three cents off September’s highest level, with the euro also giving up a similar amount. Flows into the dollar were encouraged by the rise in yields on US treasuries and its safe-haven appeal as equity markets came under […]

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