7 things sellers might regret

7 Things Sellers say that they often regret

Whether the market is hot or not, there are a few things some home sellers say that they think will get them the best results, but tend to hurt their cause more than help it. Of course, you want to sell your house for as much money as possible, and certain things sellers say are simply an […]

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Spanish food in orgiva

A recipe for success: smarten up your kitchen

A recipe for success: smarten up your kitchen It’s not just the likes of Ferran Adriá and David Muñoz or Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver who love spending time in the kitchen. During the many years that I’ve been an estate agent I’ve seen plenty of prospective buyers fall head over heels with a home […]

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Currency exchange news

This week´s currency exchange news 16th August 2022

This week´s currency exchange news.   Pound rocked by BoE’s bleak economic forecasts Staying on top of the latest currency news can help you time your transfers more effectively, so find out what you should be looking out for over the next couple of weeks… Latest currency news The past couple of weeks have seen […]

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