What is the Cadastral Value

Why do you need to know the Cadastral Value when buying a home in Orgiva, Lanjaron or Lecrin Valley

cadastral value vs market value Why do you need to know the Cadastral Value when buying a home in ….. What is the Catastro? Firstly you may hear this called both the “Cadastral” and the “ Cadastro” basically these refer to the same thing, this is a record of the fiscal value, for tax purposes, […]

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Currency Exchange spain

This Weeks currency exchange news 6th Spetmber 2021

Currency exchange news for buying a house in Spain The dollar weakened all of last week in reaction to the perceived dovish tone from the Federal Reserve, this led to the expectation on tapering in September to fade. The primary beneficiary was the euro which in turn was helped by some seemingly hawkish statements from members of […]

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View if off grid living

Tips for Living Off The Grid in Spain for the first time

What are the top tips for living off grid in Spain, also in particular relating to The Alpujarra. These are not just made up, these come from both my own personal experiences of living off-grid but also from many others who have contributed to these tips with their many years of experience. Living off-grid in […]

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Currency News 12th July 2021

  Currency news 12th July 2021 In the last week, the focus for many traders has switched from fears of rising inflation to concerns over the re-emergence of Covid combined with a slowing economy. Almost as the Fed published the minutes from its June FOMC meeting, the market’s attention switched to worries over the recent run […]

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Should I insure my Spanish Property?

  Having insurance for your property in Spain is no less important than in any other country. It doesn’t matter if it’s a flat in town, a coastal villa, or a country finca. Insurance offers peace of mind. If something awful happens, like fire, flood, or burglary, you will have a safety net to help […]

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This week’s currency news June 2021

Good Morning As the UK slowly returns to normality, the currency markets continued to worry last week about the impact of this on inflation and whether Central Banks will be too tardy in their response. The Royal Bank of New Zealand and the Bank of Canada signaled their intentions to raise rates in 2022, as […]

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This Week’s Currency News – 7th June 2021

After a week of anticipation, the non-farm payroll report came in at a slightly disappointing level and encouraged sellers of the dollar to reappear. With employment rising at a lower than expected 559,000, the pace of the recovery in the US and the subsequent tightening of economic policy is starting to be questioned by investors. […]

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