7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Roof Terrace

Living in a little white village in Spain is a dream for many. Those who are determined to make the move can sometimes be surprised by the lack of garden space available with these quaint townhouses. Instead, these gorgeous, tall properties more often have spacious roof terraces. Make the most of the views by using these seven handy tips to style your roof terrace.

How will you use your roof terrace?

Start your planning process with function.

  • Will you have little ones that need to be able to enjoy the space safely?
  • Is it a space for chilling out?
  • Do you need seats available for guests?
  • Is it somewhere to cook and eat together?

Depending on the size of the terrace, you could even use groups of plants, or furniture back-to-back, to create more than one area.

Walls and floors

Choose the right colours to create different feelings on your terrace. You might like a rich, terracotta colour for a Mediterranean atmosphere. If it’s a small terrace, a clean white can give the feeling of more space. It also goes well with any style if you like to switch things around. Wood flooring can look super chic, although composite tiles may require less maintenance. Artificial grass can feel lovely underfoot and provide a splash of colour.

Tables and chairs

There are as many styles of outdoor furniture as there are tastes. You may even like to make your own from pallets. Choose things like folding furniture or benches to make the most of the space. Keeping it uncluttered helps to keep your roof terrace looking stylish, not saturated. If you’ve got the space, outdoor beanbag chairs look cool and wear the weather well.

Be creative

Mixing textiles can help add a richness and depth to a design. Cushions, rugs, and bright colours all help provide a vitality to an outdoors area. Combine patterns for a creative feel. Contrast wicker furniture or pots, with soft fabrics, like blankets, with metallics accents for a touch of luxe.

Nature knows best

The best way to decorate any outdoor space is with plenty of plants. Setting up automatic irrigation systems is an easy, water- and time- efficient way to ensure they’re cared for, even if you’re away. If space is at a premium, use vertical planters or hanging baskets to make the most of the beauty of nature. Groups of pots can provide space breaks and focal points within the design.

Light it up

Use solar lights to save your electricity bill and make use of the Andalusian sun. You can get large lamps, garlands, even spotlights in the plant pots. Carefully placed tealight holders add a special ambience of an evening. These can provide a second service too. Use citronella scented candles to discourage bugs.

Chill in the shade

To use your terrace throughout the day, you’ll need to create a shaded area. You can even add spray tubes that shower you with a light mist, wonderful to keep cool when the sun’s at its most fierce. You could build a pergola, which also provides more space for climbing plants. Sail awnings are popular and look cool too. There are a lot of options depending on what space you have and budget.

If you’re looking for a place in Andalusia with patio, roof terrace, or more, just get in touch with us at We cover a wide area and work with agents all over the province so we’re sure to be able to help you find your perfect roof terrace.

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