pigs in a sty

“It was like a pig sty”

It was like a pig sty”

The headline for this blog isn’t an announcement that we’ve moved into selling farms or rural properties.

And it isn’t a reference to the state of my office desk as we keep a tidy, organised and efficient ship at Lanjaron & Orgiva Property and, for the record, our desks are spotless.

No, ‘it was like a pig sty’ was a quote from a potential buyer when asked for feedback on a property he had recently viewed.

Although a little harsh his response was merited and raised a serious point.

I know it can be difficult to keep on top of the housework, especially if you have children and/or a busy lifestyle. But when your property is on the market it’s potentially the difference between selling your home or not.

No viewer wants to navigate their way through an obstacle course of old socks, empty cans, toys scattered on the floor and last week’s newspapers gathering dust.

Having your dirty saucepans, overflowing laundry basket and an unmade bed on show might make your property unique but it sure isn’t a unique selling point.

I’m not suggesting properties need to be surgically clean, but a quick tidy-up every day could be the most valuable housework you ever do.

If you are thinking of selling then get in touch for an informal chat about the easy tips to help you get prepared and present your house in order to achieve a premium price. It’s surprising how easy some of these can be and what a difference they can make to you in getting the best price for your Orgiva Property, Lanjaron Property or Lecrin Valley Property

After all, unless you live on a farm a pig sty is never a good look.

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