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Cortijo Verde -The one they forgot about

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Cortijo Verde– The one the old agent forgot!

This week’s success story focuses on a carefully restored country home that had been lovingly restored by the owners over a number of years. Shockingly it had been on the market with some other agents for around 8 years!!! The seller was at a loss as to why the house was not selling and had an urgent need to sell due to their own circumstances. They were not getting any regular feedback from their old agent and had been recommended to speak to us about our “switch and sell service” The first impression was not good, Just take a look at the comparison of photos to see why! There was also no professional video and when they asked their old agent about their digital marketing strategy, well, they simply did not have one!

Property: Cortijo Verde, Puerto Jubiley
Price 90,000 euros
Number of enquiries: 57
Number of Viewings: 3

The background of this home

After owning the property for many years and like a lot of people in the area, had bought it to renovate and enjoy life in the Spanish Mountains. After many years of enjoying the property themselves and with their family, the time had come when the upkeep of the property was starting to become a challenge for them. They had made the right decision to sell before general maintenance got too much and become a real chore for them. This was a very sensible decision, so they instructed an agent to help them. As you can see from the images below, The agent did not really make much effort to show the property in its best light!

After several months there had been no feedback from the agent and the sellers were becoming concerned about things. They spoke to the agent who told them that everything was fine it was just a bit “quiet at the moment”. This continued year after year, with no contact being a regular occurrence. The seller was recommended to speak to us and see if we could help them move things forward

Cortijo Verde

Kitchen in the Alpujarra

poor quality image of kitchen

Kitchen improved image

What we did
At Lanjaron & Orgiva Property we first look at the demand in the international and local market for a property. Try to determine if there is anything that needs changing first, and then have an honest discussion with the seller to see if are thoughts are aligned and we can help. It didn’t take much to identify the issues that were preventing the house from selling and the seller was very open to listening to our advice.
The first thing that literally screamed at us, was the poor quality of the marketing, with very poor photos that would probably have put most people off! You can see some examples below, There was no marketing strategy in place, just a “pop it on the website and fingers crossed” style of marketing. We even checked the other agents website and found the glaring proof of a lack of any digital marketing strategy (if you want to know more about this insider secret, just ask). There was no professional video tour to showcase the property to international buyers. However, there was actually nothing wring with the property itself, it appeared to be purely a lack of attention to detail and proper marketing strategy that was causing the sellers so much lost time.

We took time to shoot proper marketing images and create a professional video to showcase the property. This is combined with a well-thought-out and tested Digital Marketing Strategy, planned marketing reviews and fresh enthusiasm.

To see the video just click here

The Result
The seller was immediately impressed with the change of direction and the access to thousands of our collaborating agents across the world being able to market with us. The new photos and video had an immediate impact and after contacting many of the buyers on our international database of buyers there was an immediate impact.
Several viewings were booked, both in person and virtually,
We had several interested parties, and one of our international virtual viewers fell instantly in love with the property. We were able to achieve the full asking price for the seller and arranged the contract in a prompt timescale.

What the seller had to say

“Efficiency, courtesy and professionalism through all the stages of the process in relation to the sale of our property “

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