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Success Stories – The one with a history!

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Casa Los Dos – Real Life Success Stories – The one with some history!

On the market with 5 agents before Lanjaron Property
Virtual viewings – 5
Live viewings – 8
Time from offer to completion – 8 days

Have you ever wondered why some homes sell and others seem to stay on the market for ages? Why do some get snapped up quickly and others linger on the market?
It is a question that I am often asked and this week’s real-life success story is all about such a house. The home had been on the market for over a year and was being marketed by 5 different agents!! It wasn’t getting any interest, The owner called us and asked if we could help.

The Property history.
Well this property was well known to the locals, it had been a bank repossession, it had been squatted in and it had been used to grow illegal substances, quite a story I think you will agree. On top of that, the building was not registered! Certainly a challenge.

What we did
Before I meet any potential new client, I will take a close look at the current market conditions, I will check out the competition for sale and find out everything that is possible to know about the property. I will speak with the homeowner even before we meet, fact-finding so that I can be 100% confident with my research. Even speaking to our international network of agents to understand the demand for the property on a global basis.

What we changed
With such a history to the property is was essential that we made any potential buyers fully aware of the exact details. Also with limited travel from international buyers, it was very important to have a professional quality video tour and to have the facility for virtual viewings. We also wrote an entirely new description for the property and commenced our international marketing campaign.

The result

It didn’t take long. We created a fabulous social media marketing campaign with our digital media team which also included one of our professional videos. We ensured this home had a mixed media campaign across over 100 portals in over 60 countries together with our network of over 600 agents across the globe. This resulted in over 100 initial enquiries in the first 2 weeks. We conducted multiple virtual viewings and secured a buyer very quickly. Because of our preparation beforehand we already had all of the paperwork ready and were able to advise on the correct legal status of the property immediately. The buyer understood this and we agreed on a sale to allow for that. The sale was agreed on Wednesday and we signed at the notary the following Thursday with all the legal checks completed. A very happy seller and a very happy and informed buyer

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