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Voew from a house for sale in Canar

Success Stories – The one with the view

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Today’s success story is about a house with beautiful views that was struggling to sell.

The Stats

Property: Casa Bella Vista

Property price: 175,000 euros

Viewings booked: 6

Weeks on the market: 5

The Facts

As you can see from the photo below, it was in a stunning position, quite well presented, ample parking, just a few minutes’ drive to Órgiva. It was something many buyers said they were looking for.

However, it had a big problem: it was struggling to sell. The owner had tried an older-style Órgiva agent to sell his home for nearly two years.

He was recommended to us here at Lanjarón Property. He rang and I went to meet him to see if we could help.

The Concerns

I felt some initial reluctance to visit the property. Something didn’t seem to add up. The house looked great on paper, the price didn’t seem too far wrong, and it was the type of home that was in demand.

I was a little concerned that there was some hidden reason for it not selling that I had not been made aware of!

The Market

I know who is looking for property and what sort of thing they are looking for in that area. There are a good number of buyers looking for this type of house to live in full-time or as a holiday home.

It was not likely to be a local buyer but more likely to be an international buyer. After all, knowing the profile of our buyers is an essential part of what we do.

The Plan

I didn’t want to just stick it on the internet and hope for the best. This needed a proper plan.

I already knew that there were some major improvements that could be made to the marketing, just by taking better photos and creating a mini movie for the house to really show off its best features.

Our inspiration comes from our experiences of successfully selling similar properties in the area. We know what our international buyers want to see, what is important to them, and having a deep understanding of our buyer needs.

It takes some thinking about.

  • Why would someone choose to live here?
  • What are this property’s genuine, unique selling points?

This home was all about the stunning views, amazing sunsets, proximity to both its local village of Cañar and a quick drive to the local centre of Órgiva.

People who want to live here will enjoy a mix of the tranquillity and perceived isolation, whilst being near enough to enjoy the thriving communities nearby. They will not want total isolation, but will want the feeling of it.

The house was also a little tired inside so the buyers would ideally be people who are happy with some DIY but are not looking for a reform project.

Therefore, the offering was more than just the house itself, it was a lifestyle.

The Process

With this inspiration, we set about creating our mini movie for international buyers using professional-quality equipment. Our copywriter wrote a new brochure and emphasised the lifestyle aspects of the home. Only once all our marketing was updated, honed, perfected, did we launch our marketing campaign.

This included a bespoke social media campaign across various countries and utilising our international network of over 600 partner agents worldwide.

I won’t tell you exactly what we did, I don’t want to give all of our secrets away! Needless to say, it worked.

A few weeks’ later, we secured a fabulous offer from a perfect buyer.

If your home is not selling, I would love to create a bespoke marketing plan that will get you moving. Call me on 643 821 326 or email:

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