why your home needs to be mobile

Why your home needs to be mobile

Why your property in Orgiva, Lanjaron and Lecrin Valley needs to be mobile….

Yes a strange title, but bear with me. In today’s modern world there has been a big shift in the way that people search for property and this can have a significant impact on your chances of success when it comes to selling.

Over the last few years the use of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets has increased significantly, In fact in the last year mobile devices have increased their dominance as the main source of online use by an additional 10% now accounting for 54.25% of all traffic and desktop internet usage continues to fall. This figure however changes dramatically when looking at consumer usage and excluding business to business traffic. Mobile usage then increases to over 70%.

When we move to the property market the statistics are even more interesting. Mobile device usage accounts for nearly 80% of all traffic! Bounce rates are decreased significantly and 79% of keywords rank differently on mobiles.

That’s all well and good, but how does this relate to selling your property in Orgiva, Lanjaron and the Lecrin Valley. Well, we are constantly reviewing the way potential buyers search for property and ensuring that we maximise our marketing accordingly. An example of this is the use of professional video tours of your property, video views are increasing significantly and make up an essential part of marketing a property today. However, its not just about cobbling something together, the important part here is the “professional” part, This includes knowing how long each shot should take and where best to target the video to potential clients.

Some things that work well on desk top just do not translate very well to mobile devices, an example from the property world is the old style 3d tours, just think about how well 3d TV’s took off. These worked well on desktops with a larger screen size and the compatibility of a mouse or touch pad, but they just don’t work effectively for mobile users. See how easy it would be to alienate 80% of your potential buyers!

Mobile vs. desktop usage stats show that we spend 143 minutes surfing the internet on our cell phones. In contrast, desktop users will only spend about 35 minutes on the same. Mobile internet use has been on an upward trend while that of desktops has been decreasing. Phones are more accessible and convenient to carry around; hence, people can use them for browsing from practically anywhere

These are just some basic examples of why mobile friendly marketing is such an important thing to fully understand in today’s property market. This is even more important if your property is more likely suited to an international buyer as this is where you have to stand out from the hundreds of other properties available. It is essential to have a very large network of international agents all working to the same high standards and fully understanding the requirements of today’s mobile market place.

The statistics show are taken directly from our own google analytics and relate specifically to our own marketing sources, this shows how very important mobile digital marketing is for your home. This is also why we have our own international digital marketing team to ensure your property is placed in front of the best buyers and in the most suitable format.

If you are thinking of selling now or in the near future, do not hesitate to contact for a free and informal chat about the best way to market your home, each home is individual and so is the marketing required for it.

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